My life, as with my art is a journey of discovery. My childhood steps led me and my family from West London when I was 9, to Limerick City in Ireland.

After leaving school and training as a chef in Galway, I returned to London and within a few years had retrained as a decorative artist. My career took me to Paris where I worked as a scenic artist for Eurodisney and since then I have bounced between Ireland, London and San Francisco in my quest for work and artistic fulfilment.

It was a natural progression to take a leap of faith and apply my decorative and scenic art training to fine art painting.
My work is a fusion of skills, life experiences and experiments along the way.

My aim is to marry the the subject matter of each painting with an exploration in colour, texture and layering.  I explore techniques using paint, plaster, varnishes and epoxy resins. Each piece summons up a feeling or emotion which encourages the viewer to peel back the layers to reveal the inner meaning of the work. My subject matters range from autobiographical to an observation of human frailty and emotion.

Danny Purtill